Monday, October 20, 2008

Not a good weekend

Chris's brother Drew passed away Sunday afternoon after a long tough struggle w/ pancreatic cancer. Please keeep Drew's wife Janet, and their two grown children Travis & Jessica in your thoughts and prayers.

On top of that, we also found out that Chris's neice, pregnant for the first time and expecting twins, is in the hospital. Her water broke at some point over the weekend but she's not due until end of December/early January. Please keep her and those babies in your thoughts too!

Chris and I went for a long walk this morning to clear his head and talk about what needs to get done. My pedometer said we did 3.51 miles. Chris thinks that is inaccurrate but that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

ohh, i hope the babies are okay!!

3.51 miles. wow. that rocks!

am thinking of chris and yall. ;)

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