Thursday, October 30, 2008

Have my house back

yay!!! Chris is at WORK today!! His new job wanted him to sit on a client meeting this morning so he was up and out of the house early (after dropping off our delinquent, gum-chewing, insubordinate freshman at morning detention).

I drove KJ to school this morning and I've discovered if I leave later, like after 7:30 AM, we get to school in record time. I totally buzzed in and buzzed out today.

Supposed to warm up a little today and be in the high 60's. I love this weather -- I love sweater/sweatshirt weather.

Last night we went to Party City to buy some last minute items for KJ's Halloween costume. She needed bat wings. Ended up finding them at the Halloween store near TJ Maxx. We bought T a new winter coat at the mall and met Chris for dinner @ J. Alexander's (we had a $100 gift card -- love gift cards!). After dinner we went to the ATT store to look for a new phone for me. My phone is starting to crap out on me and disconnect and shut down. It's only a year old (I had to get a new phone after my b-day last year when that phone died on me in Vegas). Anyway, we looked at Crackberry's thinking I was due for an upgrade; turns out I'm not and the phone was going to be a lot more than we're planning to spend right now. After the phone store Chris & T went shopping. Chris really needed some new clothes for work.

I know my sister-in-law doesn't like when I post pics of the kids on my blog (Heather & Al -- do you remember the "bar across the face' incident??) but this one doesn't count because you can't see any one's face. She sent this pic last night of my brother and nephew in their Halloween costumes. My brother has been a Star Wars nut since he was a little boy and this is totally his dream costume. The Vader helmet is one of those voice changing helmets and he said my niece runs around the house wearing it. She can't see out of the helmet very well and bounced off the refrigerator door.


Heather said...

I think this is the best Halloween duo ever! I go the pic yesterday and couldn't help but laugh. The folks in my hallway at work probably thought I was losing it. (Given my semester so far, that might not be far from the truth.)

Happy Halloween!

monkeyseemonkeydontdo said...

Great Yoda!!!! SO cute!!!!!

Unknown said...

Glad to hear about Chris!!!!! Know what ya mean about your house! I promise!

J said...

OMG...looks like some kids have been on my computer...not Jake but me!

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