Thursday, October 30, 2008

Astology and the Presidential Race

Saw this on a website and thought it ws interesting (particularly about Obama being a Leo and commanding attention -- doesn't mean he has anything good to say, though!):

To do a complete reading, astrologers need the birth date, the exact accurate time, and the location of birth. Obama is the only one who has his birth certificate posted on his website; using it we can get his full astrology chart. With John McCain, Joe Biden and Sarah Palin, we only have the birthday and location to work with, so we can't get the complete picture – just more general information.

Like many Leos (President Bill Clinton, Madonna), Barack Obama is great at commanding attention. His Aquarius Rising (which governs first impressions) makes him very conscious of working within a larger community. He is very adept at analyzing a situation, coming up with a cause for the greater good, and with the help of his Gemini Moon, selling that solution to the powers that be. The positions of both his Sun and his Moon make him charming, witty, gracious and popular.

There are several positive aspects in his chart that give him the ability to use his instincts to his advantage and not allow his emotions to get in the way. In contrast, he has two important oppositions creating disharmony in his chart: he can be guarded and mistrustful of people, and can too often see the dark side of a situation. With Venus in the 6th house, he likes his work environments to be harmonious and beautiful, so look for him to hire many women and create an atmosphere of cooperation in the White House.

Joe Biden has a rare alignment of Saturn and Uranus that gives him a great ability to think for himself and to put these unique revolutionary ideas into motion. His Scorpio Sun makes him wildly protective over his charges and gives him a deep desire to help society. He cares so deeply that when he sees injustice, it can truly upset him. With his Scorpio Sun hugging Venus, it makes this intensity a bit more gentle, likeable, and easygoing.

Both Obama and Biden are idea people and likely to work with the merits of a concept, to cross party lines and make Washington a nicer place for everyone on either side of the aisle.

John McCain is a Virgo, a sign that is known as a perfectionistic, detail-oriented workhorse. If he is elected president, he can be expected to have many meetings with his cabinet, get deeply involved in all aspects of running the country and take full responsibility for everything in his administration.

He is a force to be reckoned with. His Mars is in Leo, giving him a dramatic energy that has sudden blow ups as it fights with his Uranus and lucky breaks as it makes an appealing aspect to Jupiter. He is a practical and powerful man who will be very conscious of the decisions he makes and how they affect the entire country and the entire world.

McCain's very strict upbringing appears in his chart as does his tendency to be a bit controlling with his own family, wanting them to grow up with the same moral values and discipline that he has had.

An intellectual, analytical Aquarius, Sarah Palin is a true revolutionary. In her chart, Mars and Saturn sit next to her Sun, and they give her tons of energy and the ability to work hard and rally the troops. In the mid-60s, there was a rare meeting of the heavy-duty planets of Uranus and Pluto, giving everyone born between 1964 and 1968 the true nonconformist, revolutionary attitude that is so evident in the Palin we see today, although due to her Mars-Neptune opposition, there are times when she may not really even understand her own motivations.

The bottom line?
Where as the white house of Obama/Biden will be a free-thinking, intellectual, harmonious place to work, we can expect a McCain/Palin White House to be fueled by radical ideas, impulsive outbursts and a lot of practical bravado!

Stacey Wolf has been a practicing astrologer and medium in New York City for more than sixteen years. She is the author of Secrets of the Signs and Never Throw Rice at a Pisces, the first wedding planning guide for brides who like astrology. You can read more about her on or

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