Friday, January 2, 2009

Had a nice night

Had a crown put on one of my back teeth late this afternoon. I had a root canal the end of September, had a temporary crown put on in December and now the permanent crown is in. T was really cute -- she was worried if I was going to be OK to drive home. She asked if I wanted her to come to the appointment w/ me so she could drive me home in the event of an emergency. I would have taken her up on her offer if she wasn't only 14.

KJ is spending the night at her friend Lindsey's house. Lindsey and KJ have been friends for years (I think KJ's known Maggie the longest, Lindsey the 2nd longest). Lindsey was very excited about Trixie and was dying to see her. So, when I took KJ over to Lindsey's we brought the dog. She was really dirty from being out in the mud in the backyard so we had her wrapped up in a towel. From Lindsey's house I picked up Austin to take him to dinner w/ me & T. T was still doing her hair and make-up so we had to come back to our house and get her. Poor Austin. I made him hold Trixie on his lap so I could drive. Austin, T & I had a nice dinner out and then I dropped them back off at Austin's house to watch the Alabama game. Austin's mom volunteered to drive T home after the game. So, I've had a couple of hours to myself tonight.

I saw on tonight's news that John Travolta's son, Jett, died in the Bahamas today. How terrible.

Regarding the Alabama game, I really hate to see JPW go out like this. I think he's a great kid and I would have liked to see him go out on top. Can't believe Utah is the only undefeated team in the nation.

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