Friday, January 9, 2009

Lovely Spa Day Thursday

I had a very nice relaxing spa day -- mani, pedi & massage. I have a really weird way of holding my shoulders when I'm watching TV or on the computer or even while driving. I find myself sort of curling inward (which probably explains a lot of my headaches. I'm also starting to clench my teeth/jaw again -- gee! I wonder why???). Anyway, the masseuse really worked my upper back yesterday and I felt like mush when I walked out of there.

Chris got home fairly early last night and we had a nice family dinner. He offered to drive T to dance for me and surprised me by taking KJ for a haircut on the way home. She's been wanting to grow her hair long but it didn't really have any shape or style. She cut her bangs and took a couple inches off the end. Even she admits it looks a lot better!

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