Thursday, January 29, 2009

Trying to Catch Up

Haven't blogged since Monday; very un-like me.

KJ stayed home from School tuesday. She had a bit of the sniffles, a sore throat, etc. She probably could have gone to school so it ended up being more of a "mental health" day. She did, however, want everyone in Blogland to know that despite the fact she was home, she was working on her Expo project (which is really due some time in early March). She is researching Juilette Lowe and the history of Girl Scouts.

Tuesday was a little crazy -- Chris had Varsity lax practice, T had to dance at her last basketball game so I picked her up and rushed her & KJ to their 5:30 PM dance class and from there I drove up to the lax store to sit w/ one of our new emplyees and show 'em the ropes. Picked KJ up by 7:30 PM and ran thru the drive-thru at Chik-Fil-A. Chris & T got home a little after 9 PM. Last night ended up being relatively quiet. The Alabama lax team was coming up to play Birmingham-Southern. The Alabama team had asked Chris if he would open up the store for them prior to game time and then he wanted to go to BSC to watch the game. Trey had everything under control at the store so Chris came home rather than freeze his butt off at the game. T was also supposed to stay after school and catch up on a test but her teacher was out yesterday so she was home earlier than expected.

I've started my Valentine's Day decorating but I think I'm missing a box. I think I broke one of my favorite heart shaped dishes last year but I still think I'm missing a few other things. Anyway, Valentine's is one of my favorite holidays to decorate the house. Feel the love!

Tonight has the potential to be busy, too. Chris has Varsity lax and T has a dance class. She also told me yesterday they have a MANDATORY dance team meeting however I've yet to see any information from the coach. We also need to get to the mall. It's Clinique Bonus time @ Belk and KJ needs to get a b-day gift for her friend Gabi's Friday night sleep-over.

I can't believe how cold I am today. My feet are freezing. I would just love to curl up on the couch w/ KJ's Snuggie.

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