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and boy do I mean it! Even though this was a short week, I felt like it's lasted forever. I've been fighting a head cold or something this week. I've had a bad headache and felt very dizzy.

Chris had his first lacrosse practice of the season last night. KJ & I stopped by after we took T to her dance class. I sat in the car but from what I could see, everyone looked like they were doing well. He had to divide the kids up by experience and age. I hope Austin didn't think I was spying on him. Prior to T's dance class, we had a girls lax meeting at the high school. We're having a tough time filling the team. There are a couple of senior girls that have decided not to play (for whatever reason) and we just didn't do a good job of recruiting younger girls (middle-schoolers/freshmen).

My dear darling husband and I had a bit of a "disagreement" last night and he told me I've been very cranky and negative since Obama was elected into office (so, I guess, according to Chris, I've been bitchy since early November). Yes, I'm cranky. And I'm mad. I know the following comments are going to sound strange coming from a stay-at-home mom who doesn't work outside of the home, but I just feel like lately everyone has their hand out. I was on PTO at my daughters' school for 4 years. I saw/heard people standing on line at registration bragging about they're not going to give a class donation or the PTO donation and then they'd hop into their shiny new Escalade. People just seem to have a certain sense of "entitlement" these days. I remember when I worked at the playschool, parents would come in and say, "I want my child to go to this playschool but can you waive the $100 registration fee? or can you give me a break on tuition?" No. Sorry, but maybe this isn't the playschool for you. These were just random folks off the street, not parishioners who may be giving back to the church in other ways. Same thing with sports. "My son wants to play but I can't afford the registration fee (or the equipment)." Well, then maybe you should find another sport. Maybe our kids need to learn about disappointment instead of just having everything handed to them. Just because something is out there or is available, doesn't mean everything is up for negotiation or should be given to you. I can't walk into Wal-mart and tell the store manager that I'd really like to buy this tube of toothpaste but need him to knock a few bucks off the price. Now, I have choices. I can go to another store, I can clip coupons or I can buy a generic brand at the dollar store. I've been thinking about getting some friends together and going to Sips & Strokes one night. Money's been tight lately but I'm not going to walk in there and tell Wendy, the owner, that I'd really like to paint tonight but just don't have the money for it and instead of $25, I need her to let me paint for $15. Not gonna happen. My choices: cut back somewhere else (maybe don't go out to eat this week) or simply don't go. There were several local articles recently about area schools looking for donations to send kids to the inauguration. You've had since November to fund-raise. Maybe you didn't utilize your time wisely or, maybe, just maybe, you shouldn't go if you can't afford it. Did that ever enter your mind???

I came across this article on and this is a prime example of what's been making me so damn cranky:

Alabama to consider program to provide free cell phones to poor residents
Posted by
Stan Diel--Birmingham News January 23, 2009 6:00 AM
Alabama today may join the small number of states where government-subsidized, prepaid cell phones are available free to the poor.

The state board that regulates 911 emergency service may vote this morning on a proposal that would allow Miami-based TracFone Wireless Inc. to give subsidized prepaid cell phones to people who qualify for government assistance, officials with the company said. As many as 560,000 households in Alabama could get a free cell phone and service under the proposal, said Jose Fuentes, the company's director of government relations.
The cellular plan, an extension of a federal program that subsidizes wired telephone service for the poor, includes a free phone, unlimited 911 service and 68 minutes of free talk time a month. Other common services, including caller ID and text messaging, are included for free.
Read that last sentence again: "Other common services, including Caller ID and text messaging, are included for free." Ummm, I have a 14-year old and would love to know how we could get free text messaging. I'm not talking unlimited text messaging because we pay a hefty monthly fee for that. I'm talking about free text messaging. A ton of people have commented on this article on-line and the comments are amazing. Some examples:
"Let's see, we gonna pay for yo house, yo health care and yo phone. Next thang, we gonna pay for yo car."
"I dont think this should happen at all, but IF it does, it should ONLY include 911 calls - nothing else. And DEFINITELY NOT text messaging. Good grief!!!!"
"Only liberals could conceive of another way for spending more taxes. There is no end to the unique programs which they can espouse in the name of compassion, caring, affordability, et cetera. Wouldn't it be more wonderful to have free haircuts available to those who can least afford to pay for a haircut? Now there's a cause that any good liberal could appreciate and promote."
"Sometimes I have to remind myself why I worked so hard to get an education and presently go to work everyday. If stuff like this is free, what are the ambitions of these people to ever try in life? There are probably some people out there that work only for health insurance and enough money to have a cell phone. Soon they can quit, because both are going to be handed to them. This is the stupidest thing I have ever read on"
"Gosh with so much free stuff from the government, I'm no longer concerned if I lose my job. I'll be taken care of!"
"If you see someone that looks as if they are struggling financially, typically you will notice 2 things about them. First, there is always a lit cigarette in their mouth and second they will have a cell phone with wireless ear piece used like an earring.
560,000 HOUSEHOLDS IN ALABAMA qualify? In Alabama that is 3 times the population of Jefferson County. It sounds like half of the state - it is possible."
"geez. Whats next? blue tooth in their ears in case they fall down and can't get TO their phones?"
"I guess this is more of the CHANGE too huh?
Now they will be calling 911 to order pizzas and to find the closest hair & nail salon. The rest of us will not be able to get through to 911 in an emergency!"
So, there you have it folks. Now you know a couple of reasons why I'm cranky & bitchy. I'm trying to do the best I can. Nothing will ever be handed to me or my children to make our lives easier. Unless they get academic or athletic scholarships, my children will not be going to college free. They will not be getting free sporting goods (unless they take lax stuff out of daddy's store) and we will not be getting free trips thanks to the generosity of others. This article on reminds me of the lady on the news a couple of months ago bitching about her FEMA trailer in New Orleans. She had a Huuuuuugggge Plasma TV but complained because the government installed the TV for her but won't pay for the premium channels on her cable. She also was not crazy about the color of the hardwood floors they laid down for her.

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You tell it, Valerie!!!!! I agree with you 1000%!!!!

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