Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sadie Hawkins

Chris & KJ went bowling this afternoon after Chris installed new light fixtures in the upstairs hallway, the foyer and the area right outside our bedroom door. We had those tacky '80's-looking brass light fixtures that really needed to go. So the upstairs hallway sitting area is starting to take shape -- new paint, new light fixtures, new curtains, new slipcover on the loveseat (not to mention the buffet lamps I got @ the lax auction! just need the table to put them on).

T & I went shopping for her Sadie Hawkin's dress today. She actually ended up w/ two dresses and has to decide on one so Austin can coordinate. The original plan was for her to buy both, see how formal/informal everyone else is going, then return one. They were both on sale for literally pennies so Chris told her to just keep both of them. One dress is gray and will look great w/ dark hose and black pumps. The other one is floaty-looking chiffon-y cranberry kind of color.

KJ is sleeping over her friends house (twin girls she goes to school with). She was SOOO excited! Now, if we can just get rid of T for the night .......

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