Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lunch w/ the Hubster, then some Errands

FYI -- this is NOT Chris. I repeat, this is NOT Chris.

Walked into Wrapsody today and they not only greeted me by name, but like a long lost friend. Kind of like Norm from Cheers. Holy shit, I obviously shop there too much. Can't help it. It's my go-to store for gifts. I bought a $10 Sweet & Sassy gift card for Gabi and then took it downstairs to Wrapsody and bought one of the Vera Bradley zip-clips in the new Purple Punch. They put the gift card in the front ID part and wrap it up so nice. Voila! Instant gift for a little "tween." That's my new little girl gift and the nice thing is Kendall doesn't have to be w/ me when I buy it, there's no drama at the store, no in-decisiveness, etc. It's a done deal. She loves giving the gift, her friends love getting it.

Met Chris at the mall for lunch today and I ordered the console table I've had my eye on for the upstairs hallway. Once that comes in, that project will be finis (that's French for finished)! I also went to Belk to get my Clinique. Bonus time is next week so I "pre-ordered" and paid for my stuff now but will have to go back and get it next week. T needs some make-up too but she can wait until Bonus time officially starts.

After the mall, Sweet & Sassy and Wrapsody, I ran over to Costco and bought a new set of silverware for 12. We had silverware for 12 at one point but either the girls are throwing away my silverware when they clean off the dinner table each night or we're slowly being robbed one piece at a time. I think we're down to 3 or 4 forks. While I was there I also bought a set of 24 new glasses (tumbler & high ball).

I also had to stop at the PakMail place and mail my dad his Snugi (or whatever the hell they're called). My mom had ordered it for him for Christmas for those very few days in FL when he needed something to snuggle up in on the couch. They were running a Buy One Get One free promotion (plus a free reading light with each order!!!) so my mother thought KJ would like the other one. She placed her order on-line and had them shipped here considering they were coming here for Christmas anyway. Well, the package just arrived Monday afternoon. So, I now had to mail my dad's Snugi to him (think the temps in FL have been in the high 70's; I'm sure he's just gonna love that Snugi!). The kick in the pants was that it cost me $12 to mail the package. I think my mom originally paid $19.99 for TWO Snugi's and TWO reading lights. Yeah, I think I'm getting robbed.

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