Thursday, January 15, 2009

Is it Thursday Already??

Been busy the last couple of days! Tuesday I checked T and a couple of other girls from the Freshman Dance Team out of school around 1 PM and drove them to Huntsville for a hip-hop dance lesson w/ last year's winner of "So You Think you Can Dance" Joshua Allen. He was really, really cool and very appropriate for this age level/experience level. He made it all look so easy. So far, T has danced w/ 2 winners of SYTYCD: Joshua Allen and Benji Schwimmer (she danced w/ him in Atlanta in November).
Trying to think what I did yesterday. Obviously it couldn't have been too exciting if I don't even remember it. I do remember that everyone was home last night and we played a couple games of Apples to Apples. That game is SO much fun! We get really silly and it's a great family game. KJ struggles w/ some of the definitions but that makes it even that much funnier. One of the green cards was "Perfection." I had "Brad Pitt" as one of my responses. BINGO! While we were all sitting at the dinner table last night we went over every one's calendar for the next couple of days and tried to plan a menu. I've never really done a menu before (I usually just fly by the seat of my pants so this should be pretty interesting). Lacrosse season starts next week and it's really difficult to want to cook a nice meal when Chris isn't even walking in the door before 9 PM (this coming from someone who doesn't even like to cook in the first place!).
Today I picked up our family portraits that we had taken at Sears' when everyone was in for the holidays. They came out pretty good and I've already got some up in frames. I had the pic of me, Chris & the girls done in black & white and I'm pretty happy w/ it. I went to Roly Poly to get a wrap to go and while I was nearby I made KJ's hair appointment @ Sweet & Sassy for the Father/Daughter dance in February. She wanted the "Spa Package" but I told her that just wasn't happening at 9 years old. I also stopped at Costco while I was in the area. I want Kayne West's new CD but they didn't have it there. I didn't think of looking for it while I was at the mall. I also ran into the home section at Belk's. I'm on the hunt for a new comforter set for our bedroom. I kind of have to stay w/ in our painting parameters since there is no way in hell I'm gonna be able to get Chris to paint that bedroom again. So, I'm kind of stuck in the brown / sage kind of family. He's in for a shock when I start taking the wallpaper down in KJ's bathroom and that has to spackled, sanded and painted. fun. fun. fun. Nothing but good times.
Trixie's been really really cute the last couple of days. She's learning how to go up and down the stairs. I know that sounds fairly minor but seriously -- she has the teeny-tiniest little legs you've ever seen. Today when I came home from running my errands I took her right outside and placed her on the grass at the bottom of the deck steps so she could do her business. I left the french doors open while I got my lunch laid out, my magazine, etc. I turned around and she was back in the house! She had climbed up the steps by herself and came right in the house. I feel like a proud mommy! I actually e-mailed Chris at work w/ the heading "Guess what our Big Girl did today!" I'm sure he thought I was referring to one of the girls. I take her in the car w/ me every afternoon when I pick-up KJ in the carpool line. The older kids who open up the car door lose their minds when they see her sitting in the back seat and go crazy over her. It's been really nice having a dog in the house again!


monkeyseemonkeydontdo said...

The girls and I sing Kayne(sp)'s new song all the time. "love lock down" if that is the title or not!! We rock out to the drums!!!!

Virginia said...

I added one more photo on my Paris blog that I think you will love. Help me stop!!!

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