Sunday, January 17, 2010


We are in the process of slooooowwwly re-doing T-bone's room. And when I say slowly what I really mean is I am dealing with budget and time constraints. We are aiming for a more sophisticated, chic, Parisian, black and white theme.

For Christmas I bought her some monogrammed pillow cases from Urban Outfitters, this beautiful black lace jewelry pedestal and a Paris-themed shower curtain. The other day I bought her some black towels to freshen up her bathroom and we framed a couple of black and white Eiffel Tower photos we found on line. Her bathroom is coming along nicely. I also found ceramic hooks for her to hang her necklaces. One has an Eiffel Tower scene on it, the other is the Arc de Triomphe.

I am now on the search for a chandelier to hang either over her bed or over her desk. And I'm becoming a little obsessed. The other day we were at the mall and for some reason I was noticing chandeliers as displays in various stores.

This chandelier has a Betsey Johnson kind of feel to it. I love it but it's too colorful for the look we're going for.

This is more what I'm going for but I think the scale is a bit off; too large. And I don't think I like all those rosettes. Too busy.
I thought about adding a dash of color in the room and this red Murano chandelier would be perfect. T wasn't so crazy about it.

This chandelier would have been PERFECT for the Zebra & Pink Spa party we did for KJ's 10th b-day back in October! I love it!
So, this is more like it. I like the scale and I like the shabby-chic kind of look and it's not too stark or dark. I love the dangly jet beads. So now I just need to find something like this within my budget. I love re-doing the girl's rooms. Both of them have very definate ideas and once we narrow a theme down, we totally go with it. T is very easy to buy for so that makes it even that much more fun.

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I am SO glad you found my blog! I love yours!
The owls and tray are up and for sale! Go check em' out!
My love,

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