Thursday, January 28, 2010

Letting my Inner Preppy Flag Fly

Well, not exactly. I'm probably the farthest thing from a "true" preppy but I do like reading several preppy girl's blogs and appreciate their total devotion to all things green and pink (I'll be honest, there's a heck of a lot of black and neutrals in my closet). I saw this cute little dress on someone else's blog, I think it's called the Elliott dress by Lilly Pulitzer. I love the colors and the shape. Cute for a spring day.

I also saw these scarves on the Lilly website. They are called the Murfee scarf. This is a little more my style. I think these would be cute with my "go to outfit" -- a plain white T and a pair of jeans. I'm a fairly simple dresser and live in jeans and t-shirts pretty much all year round. I'm crazy short and a little overweight. I don't exactly have a love affair with clothes. But I do love me some accessories! I usually have a charm bracelet on one arm, maybe some kind of a statement necklace and, depending on the weather, it's either flip-flops or cowboy boots on my feet. I also like a really great purse. And don't even get me started on shoes! My latest obsession has been rings. Big, bold statement rings. Last spring I bought both a denim skirt and a khaki skirt and got a lot of use out of both of them. Let's face it, between Chris and the girls, I'm at the lax field 4 to 5 days a week beginning late February. I don't have to dress up for anyone and I like to be comfortable when I'm sitting in the bleachers eating my chicken fingers platter from the snack stand.

Every spring I buy a bunch of plain t-shirts at either Gap or Old Navy in several different colors, a couple long sleeve or 3/4 sleeve and a couple short sleeves. I also like to buy vintage looking T-shirts. I'm not exactly sure what you'd call them but they're more like a graphic T or a "rocker" T. Nothing with dorky sayings or slogans. I'm also a big fan of the LBD (little black dress). I've noticed the last couple of weddings and/or social gatherings we've attended, I've had on some variation of the LBD. Whatever. It works!

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Screen Door Prep said...

hehe I started out just hooked on the preppy decor&stationery. I have a closet full of little black dresses & White House/Black Market things. But then when my husband&I moved into a REAL house (after living in a townhouse), I went nuts w/ the preppy green&pink decorating, & I couldn't help but notice the clothes, too...& then my husband started commenting on how much he LOVED when I wore COLORFUL things. Big mistake. Now my closet is full of bright, colorful Lilly.

(Although I do own one solid black long-sleeve Lilly Pulitzer crewneck...I would find the ONE thing...)

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