Monday, January 18, 2010

Sun, Fun & Photos!!!

Yippee!!! The sun is finally shining in Central Alabama! I think I was starting to suffer from that disease when you lack sunshine (can't remember if that's a vitamin D deficiency).

Today we have T's photo shoot. She needs to have some updated professional photos and this time we're going with a local guy (rather than jetting off to Chicago! Although I will admit the photographer we used in Chicago was awesome and we've even seen him focused on an MTV reality show). I've seen some of this local guy's work so hopefully we won't be disappointed. We're going for a very casual, jeans/t-shirt/cowboy boots kind of look today. I know mid-January isn't exactly the prettiest time of the year to take photos but I think the starkness will just add to the overall look.

Enjoyed the Golden Globes last night. I don't really watch the actual awards show but I do like the red carpet. I get aggravated w/ E sometimes because they spend a lot of time actually interviewing. I'd like it a lot more if they just stood there with a camera and took video of celebs as they arrived. Enough with the talky-talky. Here are some highlights and low-lights:

I was not a fan of Kate Hudson's dress. She has not succumbed to the pressure of breast implants and has an extremely small bust. The bodice looks like she was stuffing her dress with tissues.

A lot of celebs also wore short cocktail dresses. Gennifer Goodwin from HBO's Big Love wore a short, bright colored little number. Julia Roberts is just way too casual for the Golden Globes. I love it, don't get me wrong. I would totally wear something like that. Just not to the Golden Globes. Kristen Bell's little white number is cute but I don't like the black clunky heels. Maybe a light, airy silvery sandal???

Here are couple of my least favorites. I think Penelope Cruz is stunningly beautiful but I hated this dress. It feels like we've seen her wear the same thing over and over on the Red Carpet. I actually thought it would have been more appropriate on Sophia Loren (who, BTW, is still one of the most beautiful women on the planet). Sophia Loren, Helen Mirren and Glenn Close totally held their own last night and were beautiful, classy and strong. Unfortunately, I can't find a photo of any of them from last night.
I don't know if Tina Fey was feeling silly and frisky last night or what but this was a little too youthful on her. She's done so much better in the past.

Fergie's gown looks off the rack. It looks cheap. Like a bad prom dress or a bad bridesmaid gown. She's edgy and sexy and should have been rocking a little black leather number. She did have some nice eye candy (her hubby Josh).
Again, I love Julianne Moore. Think she's gorgeous. Just wasn't feeling it last night. She looked short and dumpy and like she was wearing a sack.
Here are some of my major disappointments from last night Golden Globes. Cameron Diaz. Cameron Diaz is starting to look really haggard. Like maybe she's not taking care of her skin or something. She looks really old in this photo next to Kate Bosworth.
Drew Barrymore is so stinking cute but I'm not sure how I feel about this gown. The shoulder accent doesn't bother me as much as the blob on her hip. Someone on the red carpet said those accents were made of spun glass or something. Doesn't sound very comfortable. Almost sounds like fiberglass or insulation.

Again, not sure how I feel about Sandra Bullock's gown. Kind of prom-y?
And now on to (my) winners! This actress plays (the former) Al Bundy's wife on the show "Modern Family." I've only recently started watching the show but it's super funny. Anyway, I think she looks beautiful and very confident.
Emily Blount looks so so beautiful in this pink gown. Not sure who the designer is but she looks so elegant yet fresh and age appropriate. She's another one who had great accessories (her fiance is the cute guy form the Office, John something or other).
I love Samantha Harris and I love this orange gown. She always looks amazing on Dancing with the Stars.
I think my hands down absolute favorite of the night was Olivia Wilde from House. OMG! This gown just positively hangs off her body and drapes and fits in all the right places.
So there you have it! You can catch me tonight on E! with Joan Rivers, Guiliana Rancic and Mr. Jay Manuel.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with the least faves. You have to wonder what some of them were thinking!?

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