Saturday, January 16, 2010

Rhinestones & Lax....weird, huh???

Gray, rainy, dreary Saturday. Not much to do today. Hubby is in Baltimore at the Lacrosse Convention, Daughter #1 is at dance and Daughter #2 and friend are still sleeping.

So glad hubby went to "lax con" this year. It's something he's always talked about doing but just never had the time. We chatted for a bit this morning and he sounds so enthusiastic. He's been to a couple of coaches clinics, inspirational talks, etc. He also been "twittering" from the convention which has been pretty cool, I've enjoyed reading his "tweets" (or would that be I enjoy reading his "twits??").

I've started my Valentine's day decorating. I luv, luv, luv Valentine's day. It's probably my #2 favorite holiday. We'll have a busy Valentine's day weekend this year. T is participating in a Sweetheart Pageant this year on February 13 and the Sadie Hawkins dance at the high school is February 12. She still hasn't asked anyone. She's kind of un-decided about the whole thing...part of her wants to go, the other part doesn't. She hates all the drama that usually goes on with these types of events. The big thing these days isn't necessarily WHO you ask but it's HOW you ask (this applies for both boys and girls....there's a lot of pressure on these kids to come up with imaginative and creative ways to ask someone to Homecoming, Prom, Sadies, etc.). Remember my post a couple of days ago about the Mommy Mafia? Yup. It's alive and kicking here in Hoover. I've heard a couple of funny stories this week about Mom's who are waaaayyyy too involved in this stuff.

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