Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Silliness

Had such a wonderful day yesterday. The lacrosse team had a fundraising pancake breakfast at Applebee's Saturday morning and it was a huge success! The boys worked hard and did a great job! It was wonderful seeing all the parents and we had great support from the community.

T had her Belles interview yesterday morning also. She said it went well and she looked so professional and grown up in her black pencil skirt and pumps. Now we have to wait until Friday to find out if she made the cut.

After her interview we went shopping for a Sadie's Hawkins dress. She had originally seen this dress on the ArdenB website so we went to our local store to see if they had it in stock.
They did not but they did have a fairly decent selection of cocktail dresses and she tried on several. I did not care for this pink one. It was way too busy. However, the back had a large elastic insert making the dress fit perfectly. Sometimes a zipper and eye hook just doesn't cut it.
T also tried on this dress black dress with feather trim. It fit incredibly but was waaaayyyy too sexy for a high school dance. She looked like a 25 year old going to a club.
She tried on this dotted dress because it was similar to the dress she had seen on-line. I loved it. It was my favorite. The XS fit perfectly but T didn't like it because it bunched up a little bit when she walked and she was afraid it wouldn't be comfortable when she sat down. She also wasn't sure how she'd wear her hair. She doesn't really do "up-do's" and the one-shoulder thing was throwing her off.
I liked this black dress with the sequin bodice but I thought it looked to much like the dress she wore for homecoming. Kind of "been there, done that."
So, she did find a dress that she loves but I'm going to be a tease and not post it on here. Now she just needs to help her date find a shirt and/or tie to coordinate with her dress.
Last night we tried the new Mexican restaurant that opened in the Target shopping center near our house. The food was good and the place was busy but they really, really rush you. We barely had our butts in the seats and they brought our chips and salsa. Our food came out super quick and I kind of felt like they were rushing to turn our table.
KJ spent the night with her friend "El Diablo" (T's nickname for her). We used to call her GW because when she pulled her blond curly hair back in a low ponytail, she looked just like George Washington.
Chris was supposed to have BamaLax try-outs all day today but they closed the sports park due to inclement weather. T was also supposed to have lax practice. So, thanks to last night's and this morning's crazy rain, we now have a nice, quiet relaxing day to stay home and watch the Jets!!!

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I have a little something for you over at my place. Hope your having a great day! XOXO

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