Monday, January 25, 2010

Yay! The Sun Is FINALLY Out!!

Nice day weather-wise. A little windy but the sun is strong. We have had the worst weather the last couple of days. The lax fields are swamped and now the kids can't practice for a couple of days.

So I finally finished decorating the mantle for Valentine's Day. I had put the banner up the other day and the ribbons and the crystal heart garland. This weekend I added the red votives (again, another Christmas left-over) and also added heavy square crystal votives.

Disclaimer: I should just call this post "Monday Miscellany" because I've got some really random thoughts to put down:
First and foremost, Kathie Lee Gifford really annoys the heck out of me. I love Hoda Kotb and don't know how she puts up w/ KLG day in and day out. I've watched the Today Show faithfully since I was a little girl and love Al (met him in person in the Bahamas), Matt, Meredith and Ann (quite possibly one of the classiest people on TV). I usually have the TV one while I'm doing laundry in the morning or cleaning up the breakfast dishes so I end up catching the Hoda & Kathie Lee hot mess. KLG is such a hypocrite and an egomaniac. She somehow turns EVERY news feature into something about her or her family.
Secondly, I can't stand Rosie O'Donnell. Just when I thought it was OK to watch TV again, they keep bringing her back. She's like a bad penny. I don't care that she's gay, I don't care that she broke up with her former partner Kelly (also the mother of her children, I think) and I don't care that she has a new partner. Does Oprah really need to interview her? I think she's a horrible woman. She failed at her own TV show, her magazine was a failure and then she failed on The View. Note to Network Executives: Please stop shoving Rosie O'Donnell down our throats!!
Thirdly, I have decided not to buy any more shampoo, conditioner, body wash or body lotion until everything in my bathroom is gone. I, like a lot of women I know, like products. Doesn't matter what kind, I just like to have STUFF. Just depends on my mood or my requirements (i.e., the seasons totally wreck havoc on my skin....dry-skin in the winter, oily in the summer). Some mornings I feel like mango shea butter, some mornings I feel like pomegranate body scrub. Some mornings I use my Aveda Shampure, other mornings I like John Frieda's Blonde line. Just depends. I also like Johnson & Johnson's Melt-Away-Stress Wash and the body lotion at night to help me relax. I plan to use EVERYTHING on my shelf in the shower, my linen closet and my cabinets, whether I like it or not, and not buy new. Just putting this out there in case you see me walking down the street with really bad oily skin, dry hair and bad cuticles. Now you know.
Having decided that I will NOT purchase any new shampoo, conditioner, body wash or body lotion today I exfoliated from head-to-toe and slathered on a really thick body butter. I also used a pumice stone on my feet to get rid of any dry spots and used a foot cream and put on heavy cotton socks to help the cream absorb. Now you know.
An an entirely unrelated note, I've noticed on several other blogs that people have nicknames for the people in their lives (I've seen "DH" used a lot and I have no idea what it means. Dear Husband???). For example, one blogger I follow refers to her husband as "Coach" (he obviously coaches some type of team) and another blogger refers to her husband as "Parrotthead." I affectionately refer to my daughters as either T or KJ (or Daughter #1 and Daughter #2 respectively). Which now brings me to Chris. What should I call him? In high school and college he was Cosmo. Down here, everyone refers to him as either Coach (the boys and some of the parents call him that) or Cos (our friends refer to him that way). I guess the more important question should be, "What would he call ME on HIS blog???"

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*Yankee Belle* said...

I could have written this post. I too, LOVE the Today show. ANn is definitely a class act...I just hate the show's political tone. AL - is awesome! I watch willard scott just to see what craziness he will talk about for the day.

And I am working on eliminating all the extra bathroom stuff I have too. Body washes, lotions, yadda... I'm over the clutter.

ALthough I have obviously never met your hubby...I like Cosmo. Original. =)

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