Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wallpaper is not my friend

Woke up to Chris making waffles this morning before taking the girls to Sunday School. I love that man!

We've lived in this house almost 11 years and today we (I) am taking down the wallpaper in KJ's bathroom. I can NOT wait! I've hated that wallpaper since the day we moved in and plan to decorate to match her bedroom....3 walls white, 1 wall bright orange. The white walls will have various colors (hot pink, lime green, orange) and sizes of polka dots to match her comforter set.

Had a nice night with Matt & Britt. We went to Cucina Superior at Brookwood and then took them to Yogurt Mountain. Poor things! It was SO cold last night. I don't think Matt even had on a jacket! I had my info wrong, it's not a bulldog they're getting today, it's a boxer!

When we came home from our evening w/ Britt & Matt, we watched the Miss America Pageant. So disappointing! We thought Liz was magnificent and one of the prettier girls. Some of the girls looked kind of sloppy and disheveled. Not so crazy about the winner, Miss Virginia. She seemed a little fake, not a natural, friendly approachable kind of girl. JMHO.

The sun is shining today but still very chilly. The girls will be on the turf @ BSC at a lax clinic so I'll have some peace & quiet to tackle the wallpaper.

I've really been into my blog lately and I really enjoy tweeting, twittering, whatever you call it. For the last week or so I've been toying with the idea of cancelling my FB account. I love keeping up with my high school friends and friends from around the country, but there are a couple of drama mamas I'm trying to distance myself from. These mom's are all up in everyone else's business but completely unaware of their own children's reputations. What's that saying, "Ignorance is bliss??" I also like "People in Glass houses...." The one mom in particular is in for the shock of her life when someone finally gets fed up with her BS and her "holier than thou" attitude and tells her what's really going on with her kid. I don't think she'll be able to show her face around town again.

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