Wednesday, January 6, 2010

God & American Idol

Came across two interesting articles today. The first is from a blogger I only started recently following. I always marvel at people who have (as Oprah would put it) an "aha" moment. I'm 42 years old and don't know if I've ever had an "aha" moment or if I ever will. In any event, I thought this was a nice blog entry:

The second article relates to American Idol. I didn't watch the first season of the show but have always liked Kelly Clarkson's music. Her voice is strong, clear and her lyrics kick ass. She gets the point across without resorting to shock value and skimpy outfits. Not much of a country fan but I do like a couple of Carrie Underwood's songs (and my husband will tell you she's not hard on the eyes either). Daughtry's OK. I sing along with his songs on the radio but don't think I'd rush out and buy a CD or a ticket to one of his concerts. Living in the state of Alabama and within Hoover city limits, of course we watched the seasons with Rueben Studdard and Taylor Hicks. Alabama was positively OVER the MOON about Rueben. Area Code "205" t-shirts were all the rage (yes, T-bone had one). The local news and radio stations covered his every move and grown women stalked the poor thing if he dared to show his face at the mall. Alabama was gripped with Rueben fever. At the time, I was getting mani's and pedi's pretty regularly by a nail tech I'll call Melissa. She was positively OBSESSED with Rueben Studdard and extremely proud that he hailed from the state of Alabama. One day I casually made the comment that I loved Rueben (that big ol' Teddy Bear!) but actually thought Clay Aiken was a better all-around singer. Holy Shit. I thought she was going to snap my big toe off with her massive set of nail clippers. I really thought she was going to throw a bottle of nail polish in my eyes (OPI Cajun Shrimp!). She got red in the face (sort of a cross between OPI's My Chihuahua Bites and OPI On Collins Avenue) and yelled "how could you not vote for Rueben???? He's from Birmingham!!!!" Seriously? You're telling me I have to vote for somebody just because we live in the same area code? I'm all for loyalty (hence this family's never-dying support of the New York Jets through some pretty crappy seasons) but what should I have done if one contestant was from AL (where I currently reside) and oh, I don't know, let's say NY (where I grew up). Then what? Hey! I know! How about casting a vote for the person I think is the most qualified, most talented, most whatever the case maybe (not unlike our most recent presidential election). I'm not going to vote for someone just because we've eaten at the same BBQ joint downtown.

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