Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy birthday Pop!

B-day shout outs to my dad. I've been sooo bad lately -- I haven't sent b-day cards to anyone. I buy them and forget to mail them. KJ's on the phone w/ Grammie & Pop as I type. It's always a big joke in our house...the girls ask Grammie & Pop if they dressed up for Halloween and how many trick-or-treaters did they get? (not many considering Grammie & Pop spend their winters in a retirement community).

Nice day planned -- Chris is at lax practice and then he has a couple of lessons to do. KJ is going to Camp Coleman w/ her scout troop today. I think I'll take down the Halloween decorations and start putting out some more Thanksgiving kind of stuff.

T is in ATL for the weekend. A bunch of them from the dance studio drove out last night. T forgot ATL is an hour ahead and called at 7 AM this morning to tell us she's awake and getting ready to head to the dance lessons. She then called a couple of minutes ago and said she had a jazz class and a ballet class and loved them both.

So Halloween was a little weird last night. KJ had a good time but it was strange. I think I had 10-15 trick-or-treaters. The last wave of kids came @ 6:45 PM. Chris also said there were a LOT of houses with nobody home. Our neighborhood seems to go in phases -- when T was little there were TONS of kids and everyone decorated and had a great time. Now those kids are older and we have a bunch of little, little kids in the neighborhood. KJ's somewhere in the middle. There aren't very many kids KJ's age. Thank God she has Evvy. They walked around together and KJ spent the night at her house. Somewhere along the way KJ also lost a tooth. KJ looses teeth like crazy. I can't imagine she has many baby teeth left.

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