Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hmmm -- what to blog about today?

KJ makes fun of me if I give a run-down of my day (i.e., "Woke up @ 4 AM w/ a headache, etc.). So as of right now, 11:10 AM, I don't have much to blog about.

KJ came home from MK's (the friend formerly known as Magster) sleep-over party, put her pajama's back on and totally vegitated on the couch yesterday afternoon. She feel into a really deep sleep and I had to wake her to get ready for dance. Holy crap. I awakened a beast. She was whiny, cranky, her hair was all wild and she couldn't even stand up straight without falling over. She put on a sweatshirt and we met Chris up at the store rather than take her to dance. We stopped at Zaxby's on our way up to the store and dropped T off at her class. KJ sat on the couch at the store and watched "Elf" to relax. T & Chris totally jump out of bed w/ smiles on their faces every morning. The rest of us in this house need some time to acclimate.

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