Saturday, November 29, 2008

Party Elves

So it's that time of year again when KJ's Elves come out to party. She technically only has one official Elf but she has some managed to identify every Christmas stuffed animal she owns as an Elf as long as it is wearing a red Santa hat, has a candy cane somewhere on it's body or is holding a present or a piece of holly. She's made beds for them in front of the fireplace and these damn Elves are like bad Gremlins on acid. The other morning the girl Elf was hanging from the living room chandelier. She had her boots on but no jacket. Not sure what happened there. The other morning the penguin was in the freezer. That was the same night we had a fire outside so I'm thinking he couldn't take the heat. This morning the Elves had cheeze-it crumbs and empty ginger ale cans all over the fireplace mantel. Must have been some party.

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