Friday, November 21, 2008

It's Flippin' Cold Here!

I think today was a high of 44. The sun was shining and the sky was bright but it was pretty darn chilly! When Chris ordered sweats for the lax team he ordered me an extra pair. They are the comfiest sweat pants I have ever worn. I'm so short I always have issues w/ the length. This pair is a little long but not much. They have pockets and instead of elastic on the legs, it's a relaxed fit.

Got a lot done today. Did a lot of de-cluttering and stuff. Getting ready for my big garage sale. Hope the cold doesn't keep the yard salers away.

I think when Chris & T return this weekend we may have a new addition to our family. KJ & I have really worn Chris down on the whole puppy idea and we have the go ahead to get what we want (which is a female shih-tzu we can name Trixie). Boy, Taylor is going to be mad. She really, really, really does not want us to get another dog. I told her I'm going to teach the dog to pee in her shoes.

So I guess my little girl's growing up. She had a book fair at school today. Last night I told her I would come to school today to help her pick out some books. She said, "it's OK mom. I got it." She had $10 in her wallet and said she didn't need help at the book fair. So sad. Guess my book fair days are over.

Some miscellaneous random celebrity news: Pete Wentz & Ashlee Simpson had a baby boy they named Bronx Mowgli. Are you kidding me? Bronx? Mowgli? As in the Jungle Book?

Tonight (or actually Midnight) was the premiere of Twilight. I'd love to go tonight but I promised Taylor we could go one day next week.

Never saw this one coming: Paris Hilton and Benji Madden have broken up. Aaawwww

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*Yankee Belle* said...

Be prepared to laugh at Twilight. We are so not teens anymore. ;)

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