Friday, November 28, 2008

Nothing like having the phone ring @ 6AM

My dear, goofy, retired parents who have nothing but time on their hands must have hit the mall at the crack of dawn this morning (which is horribly ironic if you know anything about my family -- dad worked in retail for 40+ years and HATED to be anywhere near any type of store on his day off). Still not sure how my mother dragged him to the mall at 5 AM today. Anyway, they called the house around 6 AM (damn those old people and their new fangled cell phones!) wanting to know what kind of digitial camera T wants for Christmas. I let Chris deal with it. I think I would have hung up on my mother.

Today Chris is at the lax store. Oh the joys of owning your own business! All of the kids who work for us went out of town w/ their parents for the holidays therefore the bossman has to cover. It actually works out well -- Chris gets a lot of administrative stuff done when he's up there and, for some weird reason, I think he gets more customers than the boys. I think people see his car, stop in to say hello and end up buying stuff.

Today I plan to take down all the Thanksgiving decorations (yes, there are a lot of them) and start putting out my Christmas stuff. I think T has plans to go to Austin's for lunch this afternoon. Some of his family that couldn't make it for Thanksgiving dinner is coming over today. Not sure what's going on w/ tonight's football game. T really isn't sure if she's supposed to participate in pre-game. I'm starting to get a cold so I'm not sure if I'm going to deal w/ sitting in the bleachers. My eye is watering, my nose/throat are clogged up and I've been sneezing all morning.

Puppy Update: We did not get the Trixie from Talladega. The breeder finally returned my e-mail and said she had gone out of town last weekend and her daughter took a deposit from someone else. A little lack of communication on their part, total lack of doggie on ours.

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