Saturday, November 22, 2008

Yard Sale Saturday

Let's see -- where to begin. KJ's girl scout troop spent the night at the McWane Center. Lindsey's mom drove the girls to the McWane Center and the troop spent the night in the lowel level (Worlds of Water or something like that). Instead of the submarine, they called it the "slumberine." Apparently it was very, very cold in the water level and one of the mom's got up in the middle of the night and left w/ her little girl. Lindsey & KJ got home around 8:30 AM and Lindsey stayed and played.

KJ & I are still working on our "puppy fund" and had our big yard sale today (more like I stood out in the freezing cold while she & Lindsey played inside in the nice warm, cozy house). Chris told her he'd give her half ($200) but she had to come up w/ the rest. She cleaned out her piggy bank and had $43 in change. We made a little over $80 at the yard sale. What a waste. I spent so much time yesterday setting up the tables in the garage. I really thought I was going to sell a lot of books. Guess I'll put them on e-Bay. Anyway, the dog lady said she would sell us the shih-tzu we want for $350. Looks like we'll be driving out to Talladega Sunday to pick-up "Trixie!"

Chris & T are having a good time in Tampa. T played 2 games today, won both and T scored in one of the games. Chris said it was a really nice goal. He said although they won the 2nd game, it was an ugly game and not very well played. This afternoon Chris was playing in a coaches game and I think T is supposed to play 2 more games Sunday. They'll probably get home very late Sunday night.

Psycho-Squirrel Update: I think Pyscho Squirrel is dead. Tonight KJ & I were watching TV and heard a loud BANG in our fireplace followed by a little squeal. I swear, it almost sounded human. Like a little pip-squeak kind of noise. Hope the little f**ker broke his neck in the fall.

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