Sunday, November 2, 2008


A couple pics from one of T's freshman football half-time routines. They kick it old school for the freshman games and wear big baggy black sweat pants, orange tanks and black sneakers but for varsity games they wear fancy black leotards and black jazz shoes.
Talked to T for a little bit last night. She had such a good time yesterday at this dance clinic/competition. She took a jazz class and a ballet class in the morning and in the afternoon she took a tap class and a hip-hop class and said everything was "amazing." She said the tap dance was taught by Nick Drago who won "Step it Up and Dance." We watched the show faithfully and he was one of our favorites. We were happy he won. T said he was so energetic and fun and crazy. The hip-hop class was taught by Benji who won "So You Think You Can Dance." Never saw that show so I don't know much about him but T said he was great, too.
Chris is headed to T-town today to play some lax. Alabama has an alumni game each year (current players vs. Alumni). Let's face it folks, Alabama doesn't really have a lot of alumni that played lacrosse so Chris and a couple other guys from his men's team help them out and play. One of the boys that played for Chris the last 3 years is a freshman @ Alabama and he will be covering Chris today. Conor plays defense, Chris plays offense. We've been trash-talking w/ Conor all week on facebook and this morning KJ told Chris he needs to stop at Children's Hospital and pick-up a wheelchair for Conor. Oh no she didn't!

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