Sunday, June 29, 2008

Cooked in Charlotte

Home from Charlotte. Had a good time but boy was it hot. The boys didn't play so great on Saturday but they kicked it up a notch on Sunday winning both games. Unfortunately it was a touch too little, too late. Saturday's 2 losses / 1 win hurt their chances at medal contention but at least Chris was pleasant during the long drive home.

Had fun seeing Joe & Laurie and Paige. T & Paige hadn't seen each other since Lou & Mel's wedding in Philly (can't remember what year that was but KJ had to have been 3 or 4 because she was in playschool, pre-k, when Lisa & George got married a year later). The girls had fun on the paddle boats at the hotel. What a nice hotel in Charlotte -- behind the hotel was a really nice "boardwalk" area w/ shops & restaurants. Friday night we ate at a Mexican place w/ some of the boys from the team and Saturday we had Italian w/ Joe & Laurie (and ice cream, too!).
So T's getting really excited about her 14th b-day on Tuesday. She wants to go to dinner w/ the family and the boyfriend and then we'll plan a small (emphasis on SMALL) b-day party. You may recall T has a tendancy to plan large, extravagant birthday blow-outs. I swear, she thinks she Paris Hilton and we should rent out a club in Vegas to celebrate her "special" day w/ all her celebrity friends.

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