Sunday, June 22, 2008

Pics and Stuff

Trying to catch up my photos. I thought it would be easier to make a slide show from each city/country we visited rather than one big blob. So, here are some pics from London. Just the highlights, won't bore ya' w/ all the silly photos I took. I was fascinated w/ the pub signs. Each pub had a really cool name and a unique sign hanging out front. One of the store we went into had a big display of coasters -- one from each famous pub in London. T & I did have fish & chips one day but I forgot to take a picture. T & I both LOVED the Eiffel Tower and and the time we spent in Paris but I think we really got into the "vibe" of London.

Just spent two lovely days at the Alabama Sports Festival and no I'm not being facetious. It was a really great event for the boys. Chris divided the boys up amongst several teams and I always love seeing a Vestavia boy playing alongside a Mt. Brook boy. This festival was nice because rising 9th graders were invited to play. I think this was the first time one family had their 2 boys playing on the same team. Very cool. As always, these kinds of things don't run smoothly w/out volunteers. Lots of dad's came out to coach, lots of dad's officiated and one kind family ran the water and Gatorade tent all weekend. I think Chris enjoyed not coaching for once. I know he was able to watch most, if not all of the games because he's commented on "so & so had an awesome game, so & so was great on defense today" etc.

This week I need to concentrate on getting my suitcase 100% unpacked. Luv, luv, luv to pack & prepare for a trip. Hate to unpack. :-)

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