Sunday, June 8, 2008

Where did the weekend go???

"Look kids! Parliament! Big Ben!!!" (one of my favorite all-time movie quotes!!) from European vacation w/ Chevy Chase. Cracks me up every time!

Can't believe it's 6:30 Sunday night. What happened??

Nice relaxing day today; went to Panera for bagel's. Grilled dogs down at the pool and worked on my tan for a couple of hours. Funny thing happened at the pool today. T's "boyfriend" Austin came to the pool w/ his friend Jay. A nosy busy-body neighbor immediately got up out of her seat, marched right over to me and asked who was the boy w/ T. I explained it's her boyfriend Austin. This neighbor proceeded to tell me that he's very nice looking and T has made a good choice and she approves. Um. Yeah. Right. T's been losing sleep over whether or not Mrs. X likes/dislikes her boyfriend. Felt like kicking the neighbor in the ass, telling her to sit down and mind her own business.

Chris took T to get an early b-day present ... a new iPod to take on our trip since her's is no longer working for some strange reason. How convenient. How very, very convenient.

KJ has a bad headache and is laying in my bed under the covers w/ the blinds shut. She needs to snap out of it because Evvy is coming over at 7 pm to spend the night.

T & I worked on our packing today and tried to finalize everything. Here's our itinerary and the weather outlook for each city (not a very good weather outlook I might add):

6/11 - 6/13/2008 ROME
June 11 - 80°F Partly Cloudy
June 12 - 78°F Showers
June 13 - 74°F T-Showers

6/13 - 6/14/2008 FLORENCE
June 13 - 69° Heavy Rain
June 14 - 69°F T-Showers

6/14 - 6/15/2008 Night train to PARIS

6/15 - 6/17/2008 PARIS
June 15 - 62° F Light Rain
June 16 - 62°F Light Rain
June 17 - 65°F Partly Cloudy

6/17 - 6/19/2008 LONDON
June 17 - 69° Partly Cloudy
That's all the info I have on London weather for now.

Starting to freak out a little.


Unknown said...

London weather is easy to figure out, it will rain and it may be warm or a little chilly but not hot. So, do what the locals do, plan on rain and have fun anyway.
I was lucky enough to live in Oxfordshire, UK for 6.5 years and I loved it. Have you been before?

Unknown said...

ahh! i can't believe its almost time for you to go! seems just like last year that you were talking about it. its going to be great and you're going to be in paris on our anniversary. you're going to have a great time!

Heather said...

Have a great time! See lots and take more pictures than you think you'll need. If you get to Westminster Abbey, go to poet's corner and breathe deep for me. Feel the spirits of Wordsworth and his cronies. Do everything you can. As my friend Krista told me the first time we went to Europe, "Do everything and see everything because you can sleep when you get back home."

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