Tuesday, June 3, 2008


T & I went to her dance team meeting while KJ & Chris went to the store for a meeting w/ the boys. T went home w/ Katie to spend the night and on my way home I stopped and picked up the Magster. We have no plans tomorrow except to sit by the pool and work on our tans.

T got the cutest little outifts to wear to dance camp (unfortunately she will not be there). I had to break the news to the dance coach but she took it very well.

I'm trying to relax and catch up on some shows I've TiVo'd. I've been watching John & Kate Plus 8 a lot for some reason. Fascinating. I can hardly keep up w/ the 2 kids I have, what the hell would I do w/ 8 freakin' kids??? I would be heavily sedated staring out the window while the kids ate garbage off the floor.


Tracy said...

my jack loves that show, john and kate. i can not imagine. it would be like having my class from playschool all the time plus two older ones. ugh! no way. they are amazing, you're right and kate has the cutest hair! i'm so glad the dance coach took your trip well. i mean, seriously, its europe, its not like its destin. a eurpoe trip is possibly a once in a life time trip! love camp outfits, i bet they're adorable!

Heather said...

I love Jon and Kate. There honesty about everything is really refreshing. They just had a show on where they discussed parenting tips and they pretty much said, "We screw up a lot." And it takes place in Central PA, which is wicked cool! The sextuplets were born at Hershey.

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