Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My head feels so much lighter

I swear! I have a TON of hair. It's very fine but there's a lot of it. Jeffrey kept the length but got rid of a lot of weight. I now have swingy, fuller hair.

After my haircut I ran to WallyWorld to pick up some travel things T & I need. I have one travel adapter but I think I need one more. I was on a really neat website the other day and it showed the voltage for each country and they looked to be different. Probably have to get the travel adapter @ Bed, Bath & Beyond or something like that.

My girls are so lazy. It's 4:15 PM and they are both still in their pajamas.

KJ wants to Magster to sleep over (and we'd really like to hear all about their Disney trip!). T & I have a dance team meeting (this is the one where I break the news to the Coach that T-bone will not be attending dance camp due to a conflict in travel plans -- keep your fingers crossed!). Chris is meeting a couple of his all-stars up at the store to discuss something. He's not sure what. The boy's texted him and said they have things they want to discuss w/ him. These are also the boys who work at the store -- hope they're not planning a strike or something like that!

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j said...

Keg has an adapter he uses when he travels to France. You can borrow it if you haven't bought one. Did you get your bag labels yet?

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