Monday, June 9, 2008

This time tomorrow . . .

we'll be at the airport (guess in Italian it would aeroporto or something like that).

I think T & I (especially me) need to go thru our suitcase and take a few things out. The coordinator sent out an e-mail reminding us that the weight limit is 50 lbs. Yikes. Fortunately it's summertime so all our stuff is shorts and t-shirts. I'll be bringing my purse and one tote bag and T will have a tote bag that she's counting as her purse and the small rolling carry-on bag. I'll be in charge of the big suitcase we're sharing. I always over-pack but I am trying hard to keep things to a minimum this trip. Need to make room for the souvenirs we'll bring home. Don't laugh but I did buy a roll of bubble wrap and I packed some tissue paper. I learned my lesson on my Vegas trip last year. KJ likes snowglobes so I bought her one at the M&M store. I had it on my carry-on bag and they told me it was more than 3 oz. liquid. Well, my luggage was already checked so I ran around to the different gift shops asking if one of them could mail the stupid snow globe to the house. The Bellagio gift shop at the airport said they would gladly do it for around $15 (snow globe was less than $5) oh but wait a minute. I didn't buy the snow globe in their store, I bought it somewhere else so no. They can't do it. The post office at the airport didn't open until 10 AM and our flight was 9:45 AM. My cell phone battery had totally died that trip so I couldn't get in touch w/ Chris who was already at the gate. I ended up giving the snow globe to a maintenance man.

Not much going on today; T & I are going for our mani's & pedi's. Evvy slept over last night and the girls woke up around 9 AM. I like when she sleeps over; don't hear a peep out of the girls. KJ has some other friends that run around the house like crazy people.


Tracy said...

the snow globe story is the saddest story! i would have been a mess!

Yankee Belle said...

Ack...I HATE packing!!!!!!!!!!! I am sad too - about the snow globe. =(

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