Saturday, June 7, 2008


Trying to wake up. Sitting here w/ KJ watching the Wizard of Oz. Believe it or not, she's never seen it before. It's the big twister scene and she's a little nervous. She's yelling at the chickens on the farm to run away.

Busy day yesterday. The girls & I met Chris for lunch, did some banking, ran to the mall to get T some appropriate length shorts, stopped at Wrapsody to buy some gifts and then Chris & I went to Greg's art gallery opening last night w/ friends. The gallery is in an incredible space -- exposed brick walls, etc. They had a great turn-out and we wish them lots of luck. Scott & Debbie took us to the Fish Market downtown for dinner (never been there before --I had the lobster bisque and fried scallops. I was stuffed after my soup and salad and brought everything else home in a doggie bag!). We went back to Scott & Debbie's and sat on their patio laughing late into the night. I didn't sleep too great last night and then that damn squirrel was in the gutter again bright and early this morning. I really need to invest in a bb gun.

Now it's the munchkin scene and T's totally freakin' out. She's repeating to herself "they're just small children, they're just small children." She's actually sitting here w/ her hands over her eyes. Little sister isn't helping the situation, she keeps saying, "there's thousands of them!!" T actually had to leave the room; she really can't handle the whole "little people" thing.
Chris made me waffles for breakfast this morning and now I'm doing tons and tons of laundry today. I only recently found out why I have such a laundry problem -- I'm doing all of T's friend's laundry. The other day I washed a really cute white baby-doll top from the Gap. I asked T when she bought it and she said it was Katie's. Today I washed 2 beach towels that I've never seen before ... one was Jay's and one was Katie's.

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