Monday, June 23, 2008

Mr. Sherman
Last lax post of the day. I promise!
Here's a link to and an article about Jeremy Sherman, one of the boys from Chris's all-star team. Jeremy was in a terrifying car accident and is truly a remarkable young man. Unfortunately, the article fails to mention that Jeremy was the state's first ever academic all-American for the sport. Also, pay extra close attention to the photo used (w/ out permission I might add!!!!). Notice how the photographer captures the fire in Jeremy's eyes??? Damn! I'm good!!! I think I might need to contact a lawyer about copywright infringement.


Coach Cos said...

No doubt you are a terrific photographer but this picture was actually taken by Scott Smith at Bagataway last month in Atlanta. Sorry babe, you are the best and the Brye/Jeremy photo in US lacrosse was defintitley yours but got to give the credit for this one to Mr. Smith

Valerie said...

OK. I'll give Scott street cred for this one, however, let the record state he took the picture w/ MY camera!!!!

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