Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Oy!!! My head

Sitting on the couch nursing a major headache watching What not to Wear. Good Lord. I cannot believe what some of these people are wearing! I'm not saying I'm the most fashionable person but I try my hardest to find clothes that fit, I don't wear pajama pants out in public and I don't dress like a stripper. Maybe I should start dressing like a dork. I would love for someone to nominate me to go on the show. I could really use a $5,000 shopping spree in NYC and a complete make-over right about now.

Had a nice day w/ KJ and Magster @ the pool today. Every one's complaining about the heat but I didn't think it was terrible today. We were at the pool about 2 1/2 hours and yes, I did get in the pool a couple of times. Shocker. I did drink lots of water and I'm working on a golden tan.

Daughter #1 is home for the night and is not happy about it. Chris picked her up at her friend's pool on his way home from work (not the friend she spent the night with btw). He flat out told her no more back-to-back, consecutive sleep-overs. She's needs a night at home in between. We don't mind the sleep-overs, it's just that she never wants to come home! They're at one house for the night, the next day a friend calls and says her mom will pick everyone up and take them to her pool, she spends the day at their pool, then she wants to sleep over that friend's house, etc. It's a vicious cycle!!! Anyway, she's in for a rude awakening tomorrow. I've let the cleaning lady go for the summer (doesn't make sense w/ all of us home for the summer) and these 2 girls are gonna clean, clean, clean tomorrow.


Unknown said...

ha, i know, that class, '12 is sooooo social! if kate is home for 12 hours, she is freaking out! crazy kids. at least she is babysitting today, doing something constructive, ha not in her mind though. very cute pictures from the pool. :) i need to take my camera.

*Yankee Belle* said...

Mean mommy. JK. I was like that too growing up. I loved being on the go. Still do, but I prefer my own bed. =)

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