Friday, June 6, 2008


Had so much fun last night @ Becky's house (which is GORGEOUS btw!). Lotta alcohol and good food and a lotta laughs. Kinda sad, sort of like the end of an era . . . Shawn and Teresa won't be there next year, Tricia is moving on, Margaret & I won't have a class in the fall. Sounds like Susan is on the fence, too. I really enjoyed working w/ all of these ladies and it was very rare and unusual that we all got along and actually liked each other! We definitely have to get together more often.
Bed is made, laundry is going, dishwasher is going. Have some errands to do today ... banking and I need to pick-up a couple of gifts and a few things at the grocery store and some prescriptions. Tonight is Greg's art gallery opening and Saturday night is a 40th surprise party. Sunday I need to finish up my packing and Monday T & I need mani's & pedi's and KJ needs a haircut.
We have to be at the airport by 8:30 AM Tuesday. WOW. We got our final itinerary yesterday and our hotel info for London & Paris. Very cool. As far as I can tell from the hotel websites, all of our hotels are 20-25 minutes outside of "city center." The hotel is Paris looks to be near the Expo (I'm guessing a convention center, perhaps?). We'll find out soon enough.

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Unknown said...

last night was fun! am sticking laughing about the taco soup flying all over. i feel so bad about that, but i didn't know there were dips in the road! next year is really going to be different. :( will miss everyone sooo much.

sooo excited for your trip! you're going to have a wonderful time and i can't wait to hear all about it!

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