Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hair 2day, Gone 2morrow

Getting my haircut today. I desperately need it. My hair has been really limp and lifeless lately. I need some "oomph" and some volume. Little people like me need big hair; it makes us appear taller than we really are. I can't tell you how many times people are shocked to hear I'm barely 5 ft. They always say, "I thought you were taller than that!" It's the big hair! I think I'm gonna grow it out a bit, too. I've enjoyed having it short but I also like pulling it into a ponytail for the summer. While I really can't stomach either Jessica Simpson OR Nicole Richie, I do like their haircuts. Hmmmm.....
Almost 10 AM and both girls are still sleeping.

So my colon & I have been getting along quite well the last couple of days. I need to call the dr. and get the results of my biopsy and find out it it's IBS or what. I'm sure if there was something really wrong they would have called me ASAP.

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