Thursday, September 18, 2008

Finish These Famous Sayings:

Saw this on my friend Angel's blog and I thought I'd share KJ's version. The other night they had an open house at the school (we didn't attend -- it was our crazy dance night) and the students had a worksheet on their desks for parents to review, "Finish these Famous Sayings."

Better Safe than: YOU
Strike While the: 8:00
It's always darkest before: 3:00 AM!
Never under-estimate the power of the: THE CLOCK!
You can lead a horse to water, but: NOT TO BE FED! (close one, KJ!)
Don't bite the hand that: IS BAD
You can't teach an old dog new: STUFF
The pen is mightier than the: PENCIL
Where there's smoke, there's: A FIRE (yay!!! good one KJ!)
A penny saved is: THEN A DIME (she must subscribe to my form of balancing the checkbook)
Two's company, three's: COMPANY (the old TV sitcom w/ John Ritter and Mr. Furley??)
Don't put off til tomorrow what: WHEN??
Children should be seen and not: HEARDED (um, OK?)
If at first you don't succeed: A SECOND TIME IS GOOD
Don't count your chickens before: EATING
A stitch in time saves: THE CLOCK (what is this child's obbession w/ time??)
A bird in the hand is worth: 10,000 POINTS (somebody obviously plays way too many video games)
A watched pot never: BOILS
Don't judge a book by: THE COVER

Obviously, we have some work to do. 3rd grade's gonna be a rough year.

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monkeyseemonkeydontdo said...

OMG save that!!!! I got a good chuckle out of it, what a cutie!!! And seriously what is the deal with the clock/time????

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