Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pick a color

Took T for her mani/pedi yesterday at one of the local "no-appointment" necessary places. The lady who owns the shop is really nice but the minute you walk in the door she tells you to Pick a Color. It's pretty funny. We got there at the perfect time, shortly after T's pedicure they started telling girls to come back tomorrow (Thursday). The shop was packed and we ran into tons of people we knew -- Kate & Tracy, Kim and her daughter Morgan (we went to Europe together, Kim was my roomie), most of the cheerleading squad was there, KJ's kindergarten teacher and her daughter, etc. After that we ran T's dress up to Judy's to do a quick alteration. T's dress fits wonderfully but would fit better if the catch in the back was moved over just a little tiny bit. When she raises her arms, the dress slides down a little bit -- we don't need any wardrobe malfunctions on our hands.

Chris let me sleep in this morning, got the girls ready for school, drove them to where they needed to be and picked up Panera bagels for my b-day breakfast. yummy. I think we're going to do some shopping today and have lunch somewhere. I'd really like a new yoga mat and a pedometer for when I walk and maybe a sports watch (or maybe a combination sports watch/pedomoter kind of gadget). T's got a hectic schedule this afternoon so I don't think we're going to have a big family dinner out somewhere like we normally do. I'd like to go to the Melting Pot but that may just have to wait until the weekend. Chris & I used to get a babysitter for T and go to the Melting Pot in Cincy -- it was kind of like our date night. I love to fondue!

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Anonymous said...

whoops...the dress kindof slipped the ole mind. Sorry, you should have called me tho. I completely forgot. Glad you had a great day! Happy B'day!

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