Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Typical Tuesday

Met Chris up at the store this afternoon to meet w/ a sportswear vendor. We designed some custom lacrosse warm-up jackets, sweatshirts, and polo-shirts as part of a spirit pack for the team. I had Roly Poly for lunch (#30) on my way home.

T was supposed to have band practice this afternoon but called to say it had been cancelled. She had already gotten on the shuttle from the freshman center to the main campus so I had to pick her and Katie up and then take them to dance. T's dance instructor told me that she will get tuition credit every time she helps teach a class. Very sweet! She's also going to a convention in Atlanta in November w/ the dance studio.

Chris had men's lax practice tonight so while the girls were at dance I walked around the track for what felt like several hundred times. I had my headphones on and was in a zone. It was a nice, fairly cool night. I lost track of how many times I walked around -- I really need to invest in one of those pedometer thingy's.

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