Saturday, September 27, 2008

S'more (homecoming pics!)

These too are made for each other; T's goofy and Austin maybe even goofier!

Chris & I have the whole entire house to ourselves and are hanging out flipping channels between the Alabama vs. Georgia game and the Penn State vs. Illinois game. Wait....what? I think I heard my brother yelling a minute ago when PSU tied it up at 14.
KJ is watching a movie at a neighbor's house and T was "voluntarily" assigned to help the Buccannette's dance team at a band competition this afternoon. It could have been worse -- some of the girls were "asked/told" to help out at the Homecoming game last night and missed a lot of the game/festivities.
I was doing fine earlier today but around 2 PM I hit the wall. I was face down on the couch in a deep, deep sleep for about an hour. I know Chris took a little nappie too when he came home from men's lax practice.

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