Wednesday, September 3, 2008

US Weekly Cover Wars

Came across an interesting article this morning regarding US Weekly magazine. Apparently this week they have 2 different covers: one w/ big bold type that reads: BABIES, LIES & SCANDALS across a picture of the Republican VP Candidate holding her down syndrome baby; the other cover is a picture of the Obamas in a loving embrace w/ the words: WHY HE LOVES HER. Depending on what market you live in, determines what cover will be on display at your newstand. I have one question to ask: What is with the media's love affair w/ the Obamas???
OK. Maybe 2 questions. Why is US Weekly, normally considered a celebrity gossip magazine, even getting involved in politics?

Michelle Malkin points out in her latest post that gossip rag ‘Us Weekly’ is using dirty journalism in an attempt to influence and turn the 2008 Presidential race in Senator Barack Obama’s favor.
The next time you’re waiting at the grocery stands and tempted to buy Us magazine, stop and think again. Unless you’re buying it for oppo research, you may not want to put money in the pockets of rabid partisans who have turned their gossip rag into a propaganda arm for the Democrat Party.
The use of the gossip rags to shape the election is all part and parcel of the Brangelina-fication of the Obamas that I wrote about earlier this summer. They are pulling out all the stops to glorify The One and demonize all who stand in his way.
How dare an entertainment magazine put the false title ‘BABIES, LIES & SCANDAL’ in bold print over a 4-month old baby with Down’s Syndrome. I think even a blind donkey or elephant can see that ‘US Weekly,’
which is published by Obama donor/supporter Jann Wenner, is pulling out all stops to secure an Obama win.
Keep politics in the newspaper, the blogs, and political magazines. Let gossip/entertainment rags report gossip, scandals, crotch shots and the rest of Hollywood’s dirty laundry. The two shouldn’t mix and ‘US’ shouldn’t be trying to sway the 2008 Presidential election.
The magazine will get publicity from this, mostly negative, but I predict readership of the magazine will take a hit in the months to come because of its unfair attack on Palin.

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monkeyseemonkeydontdo said...

OMG I am all fired up about this!!! This is the first I have heard of this and I am shocked...well not really! Remember "Rock the Vote" during the last more young people voted after the attempt and I laughed! It didn't work and I am praying this doesn't either!!! I am hoping that all this mud slinging toward a baby and teenager strikes a cord with liberal supporters and wakes them up to the reasons behind makes me sick!!!!

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