Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Not such a great day

Not a great day in the neighborhood. Root canal, sick kids, busted A/C and Chris's brother isn't doing so well. Please keep Drew in your thoughts & prayers. It's times like these when it's very difficult being so far away from family.

We left my cell phone at home while I was at my root canal and the Freshmen Center called several times to say that T was in the nurse's office sick. Poor thing. By the time Chris & I got home it was almost 2 PM so she just stuck it out and had to go to dance team/band practice after school and is now on her way to dance at the studio. She's such a trooper. KJ would have had a MAJOR meltdown and the entire state of Alabama would have known about it. She would have had all 3 major networks reporting on the breaking story and would have demanded Child Protective Services be assigned her case. She would have held a press conference with Gloria Allred, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

Not sure exactly what happened at the high school today but they were in "lockdown" mode earlier today. The local HazMat team was brought in. Some type of chemical fumes coming out of one of the bathrooms.

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