Sunday, September 7, 2008

yoga! yoga! (or is it: Toga! Toga!)

Went to the new yoga class at the girl's dance studio this afternoon. It was awesome. I've never taken a "formal" yoga class before (I've always done a DVD at home). The class was really wonderful -- my body and mind are the consistency of jello. I only wish it was 9 PM at night so I can crawl into bed. I hold a lot of tension in my shoulders and the instructor's voice was very, very soothing. Having her talk us thru the movements really helped me de-stress differently than the video ever did (maybe it was the fact that I was out of my crazy, noisy house!). The middle of the class actually got a little strenous but it felt good. And when she turned the lights off the last 15 minutes of the class ---- I was a goner.

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Unknown said...

love yoga! what time is that class?

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