Sunday, February 13, 2011

busy busy little bees and Gnomes

Friday night I took daughter #2 and a friend to the movies to see "Gnomeo & Juliet." It was very, very cute and everyone clapped at the end. On the way home, KJ said she would really like that soundtrack.

According to Mr. James Spann and my daughter, we should start to experience a warming trend this week with temperatures up near the 70's. Daughter #2 is such a weather geek. I went back and read a bunch of old blog posts and even 3 and 4 years ago she was a weather geek. She always got our tornado preparedness kits ready (flashlights, bottled water) and as a kindergartner she would call my parents in PA or NY and ask about their weather.

Cosmo, T & KJ are in Ttown this morning supporting a bunch of former Hoover lax players. Today the Alabama team is playing GA Tech at home so they headed down there to cheer on the boys. They should be pretty good this year. As more and more high schoolers are playing and graduating, the level of play at Auburn and Alabama will increase. I think there are 4 or 5 Hoover kids playing this year at Alabama and a couple former BamaLaxers playing as well. I don't think former Hoover kids are playing at Auburn, but the majority of their roster is former BamaLaxers. It's all good.
Yesterday T had one hellacious of a day. She had the ACT first thing in the AM, took all her lax stuff with her and headed straight over to the Mt Brook fields for 5 scrimmages. I've barely had a chance to speak with her but Cosmo said she scored 4 or 5 in the Spain Park game alone (4 or 5 is pretty freakin' impressive when you consider this was a 25-minute running clock game). I know she said she hit the post in one of the games. I know you're not intentionally supposed to hit the posts but I secretly love it when that happens because you can hear the ball hitting the post and it sounds really cool when it hits really hard. She really, really, really, likes her squad this year. No drama, no prima donnas, they all like each other, they all get along well on and off the field. Yay! So happy. Not like the one year when the seniors begged the coach to kick one of the younger players off the team because she fooled around with some one's boyfriend on Spring Break. That year was absolutely horrible. The seniors flat out refused to pass the ball to this one girl because of the drama that happened during SB. I think back to that year and wonder how many games we could have won if all that drama hadn't happened and if they could have just learned to play like a cohesive team!

T came straight home from the scrimmages, jumped in the shower, got ready and rushed down to Pelham HS for the Annual "Every Beat" performance for Heart month. The Bnettes performed two dances "Smooth Criminal" and their Bollywood Dance. Cosmo videotaped and got some pretty good footage. Luv that Bollywood dance! T had a busy Friday, too. She performed at one of the elementary schools for their Fine Arts day and then had pep rally when she got back to the high school. The pep rally is on / the Bollywood dance starts at around 35:00 minutes.

KJ was at a fun b-day party yesterday. It was an "Amazing Race" party. It started off kind of like a scavenger hunt in the neighborhood and they had to knock on doors until they got everything on their list: bobby pins, duct tape, safety pins, etc. Then, they broke up into teams and with the help of some adults, they drove around the local area and performed tasks: slide down the slide at the playground 12 times, go to the drive thru window at McDonalds and ask for a $1 worth of pickles, etc. I don't know if Phil was at the finish line or not but KJ had a blast!

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