Friday, February 18, 2011

Hatred Runs Deep

Wow. I rec'd a very nice e-mail and a very nice phone call from two different people yesterday regarding my blog. The e-mail was from a random reader who begged me NOT to go private w/ my blog and said that would be allowing someone else to dictate my life. The phone call was from the friend who alerted me to the whole alleged stalking issue. She reminded me that this individual is a cancer in my life and compared them to the Auburn Tree Killer . . . they can't stand to see anyone else happy and prefer to suck the joy out of everything. I thought that was an incredibly funny and witty analogy.

Which is a very nice segue to the recent Toomer's Corner incident. I am very saddened for the students and alumni at Auburn. I've read some FB statuses and Tweets and Toomer's Corner held a lot of memories for Auburn football fans. Very sweet to read "I remember the first time my daddy took me to Toomer's" or "My parents got engaged at Toomer's Corner after Auburn beat such and such team." I did see one news story that bothered me, though. An Auburn fan said that Alabama should replace the trees. I think this nutjob acted alone and should not be a reflection on Crimson Tide fans nor should an angry mob of Auburn fans try to intimitate Alabama into purchasing trees for Toomer's Corner.

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