Thursday, February 24, 2011


"What do we live for if it is not to make life less difficult for each other?" -- George Eliot

Watching Transformers #2 w/ the hubby. It's a win-win. I like watching Shia LeBeouf and Cosmo likes watching Megan Fox running in slo-mo.

KJ is at a overnight class trip and was SO excited to go. She'll come home tomorrow; can't wait to hear all about it! She was so funny, she totally over packed (she gets it from her mama) and I made her empty her luggage and edit.

Had such a nice evening w/ Daughter #1. I'm not saying I don't love Daughter #2, it's just that it's so quiet when only one of the girls is home. It's so nice to really be able to concentrate on one child at a time and give them your undivided attention. T and I ran some errands and then had dinner and great conversation at Yuki. She is super PSYCHED about this year's lacrosse team and told me "it's going down." She also found out today she was accepted into an internship program she really wanted and she's SO excited! Next week is Buccanettes try-outs. Not looking forward to it at all. I know its tough on the girls but it's nerve-wracking on the parents, too!

Getting my stuff together for the lax auction. I've got some great donations: a couple of one night stays at an area resort, a 3-nights stay at a Destin beach condo, a beach bag full of books, and a fun little basket with cute cocktail napkins, Rumchata liquor, a shaker and some martini glasses. The auction is always a fun, good time.

"If you risk nothing, than you risk everything." -- Geena Davis

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Cait said...

just came across your blog :) its sooo cue! you have some really good insight on your posts i love transformers! ! xoxo cant wait to read more of what you write!

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