Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Heart Hearts

Outdoor Hearts in the Snow:

Last night's snow was SO pretty! So fluffy! Looked just like cotton or light blossoms on the tree branches. Felt so much like "home" (i.e., up North) this morning . . . pretty snow, school delay, we were all home, had a nice family breakfast, KJ asked for hot chocolate, Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Just felt very "Northern" this morning. Very serene and relaxing. no one was rushing around. Very laid back, very cozy. Very family.

Bought this recycled metal heart the other day for the front door. I love this company and have several of their things. I think it's Blackwater Recycled something or other (I also bought the large basket weave heart-shaped yard stake the other day; don't know if they are from the same company or not).

This Year's Dining Room Tablescape: (going w/ a "Topiary" theme)

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