Thursday, February 3, 2011

This has got to stop

This weather is ridiculous. My car was a frozen Popsicle this afternoon and I didn't wear a coat (I refuse to wear a coat, I live in the south dammit!). I always keep gloves in my bag and fortunately I have butt warmers in the car. Thankfully, we finalized our spring break plans so that's something fun and sunny to look forward to!

I heard something really funny on the radio this morning. The other night Justin Bieber was on a late night talk show (Letterman, perhaps??). Anyway, his interview lasted 11 minutes and he said the word "like" 63 times! That is more than 6 times per minute. INSANE!!! The radio station made a clip of him saying "Like." That's it. Nothing else but the word like. 63 times.

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