Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's All Good !!!

So many incredibly good things going on in our house right now it's not even funny. I am so incredibly blessed to have a wonderful husband and not just one, but two, outstanding daughters! Everyone experiences life's little ups & downs. We've always said as long as the four of us stick together we'll be just fine. We've got some life altering decisions to make within the next couple of weeks and had a big family pow-wow last night. I was simply amazed at my two girls for their incredible selfishness and maturity. The girls totally stepped up to the plate last night and Cosmo & I couldn't be prouder. It was one of those "a-ha" moments where you feel like you've done your job as a parent. I could leave this earth tonight knowing I've raised some pretty awesome kids!

At 16, going on 17, T has grown into such a beautiful young lady, it is truly a joy to be her mother. KJ is right behind her. They couldn't be more different but yet so similar in many ways. KJ is so sensitive and so caring and so emotional. T holds her cards very close to her chest and doesn't let many people in. KJ wears her emotions on her sleeve. T is organized and responsible and gets the job done without having to be asked twice. KJ is all over the place but that's part of her appeal. She has such good intentions and cares about everyone. T luvs, luvs, luvs little kids; KJ does not (she actually can not stand to be around little ones....they drive her insane). KJ loves animals, T does not (she swears she hates Trixie but has secretly admitted to me that she didn't want to love the dog in case something happened to her the way it did to Buddy). I could totally picture T working with children in the future, KJ would be a perfect vet (except she'd want to bring home all the strays and would probably become way to attached to her patients). So exciting to think about where the future will take these two!

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