Monday, February 21, 2011

What would you do if . . .

We've all played the game "what would you do if" you won the Lottery. I mean mega, mega millions.

This, right here, these photos, is what I would do. I would buy Louis Vuitton luggage by the truckload and travel. Of course I'm talking after I donated to various charities, after I had the opportunity to help my family and friends, etc. (because we all know we would do those things if we had the money, that's a given). I'm talking about if I had money left over just for me. After I've done all that other good stuff. What would I do for me?? Well, here's your answer:

I luv, luv, luv this ad campaign from a few years back. I think Annie Leibovitz did it. It feels very film noir. I love the espionage element (and the fact that it was shot in Paris).

Depending on our busy schedules, I'd probably invite my good friends Francis and Bono (Okay. He can bring his wife if he HAS to). I'm sure Keith, Sean and Gorby would be up for a good time, too.

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